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Western United Realty LLC endorses the idea of wise, sustainable use of both public and private ranch lands. We believe that in order to get the most out of the land you are buying or selling, it is crucial that you understand the land and practice conservation.

Private lands in Wyoming are vital to open space and wildlife, as evidenced by the large group of collaborators involved in the Wyoming Open Spaces Initiative  The Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources has a variety of programs to help and benefit private land owners and ranchers. Private lands are key open spaces in the west that we all enjoy. These lands produce food and fiber, provide wildlife habitat and migration corridors, protect rivers and streams, connect landscapes, and more. But the continued pressure of agricultural land prices driven up by amenity and development values, and difficulty recruiting younger generations to ranch life, all put pressure on landowners to sell to non-traditional ranch owners.  Private landowners need tools, information, and resources to keep agricultural operations viable, manage intergenerational ownership transfers, interact effectively with public lands and resources, and prepare for the future.

To further their work, the Haub School’s William D. Ruckelshaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources, has created a position of Fellow, Whitney MacMillan Program in Private Lands Management in the West.  To quote UW: “The Private Lands Management Fellow will support private landowners with tools for sustaining working landscapes, such as sound financial management and intergenerational transfer, emerging markets such as conservation banks, and collaboration with federal, state, and private land managers……. The Fellow will help to create a new program on private lands management in the Ruckelshaus Institute to complement existing research and outreach, including the long-running Wyoming Open Spaces Initiative."  The initiative has long list of partners that Wyoming Ranchers are familiar with, including UW Ag Extension and the Wyoming Stock Growers.

Take a moment to visit the included web site links and learn what tools are available to help keep Wyoming’s working landscapes in open space for future generations.