Conservation Easement Information

Owning a ranch comes with the obligation of good stewardship of the resources that land provides. The importance of conservation and land stewardship that private ranches bring to the ecosystem of the Rockies can never be understated. Having been raised on the land, we know the importance of ranches and can bring that knowledge to our clients and customers. These organizations can help you assess and protect the ranchland you’re interested in buying or selling. We’ve been instrumental in the conservation of unique landscapes through Wyoming and Colorado. To learn more about our work with conservation easements, follow these links:  Double A Ranch, Eshelman CE Article.

For an informative summary of what constitutes a conservation easement, please refer to Wyoming Stock Growers Agricultural Land Trust for an informative description.

What is a conservation easement?

Conservation easements are a voluntary agreement that allows a landowner to limit the type or amount of development on their property while retaining private ownership of the land. There are tax deductions available to the land owner for this gift of an easement to the non-profit land trust. The land owner can discuss just how much they want to give up in the way of rights with the property that are given to the land trust. It is a way to ensure the open spaces and ecosystems that ranch land provides in perpetuity, still fully utilize the land save the restrictions imposed by the easement and still realize the tax benefits. To discover more on conservation easements and the benefits they provide to ranch owners, review the links below. We can discuss with you the operational considerations and value implications based on our years of experience with conservation easements.

Nature-ConservancyThe Nature Conservancy works with landowners to safeguard native plants and animals and their habitats. Landowners work with TNC to create conservation easements -- a voluntary, permanent agreement conveying a portion of their development rights.

The Wyoming Stock Growers Agricultural Land Trust (WSGALT) is dedicated to ensuring the continuation of economically viable and agriculturally sustainable Wyoming farms and ranches and to help conserve natural habitats and open spaces for the benefit of agricultural producers and the community.